Friday, June 17, 2011

Small Update

Power is out at the house, and I'll post a pic of the why it is out when I get a chance.  Let us just say I had a small bit of storm damage.  At any rate, so that I stay connected to the internet I'll make a quick entry to the blog with a little bit of an update for the Chances Are novel.  Currently I am in the rewrite of chapter seven, but the first six are now complete. The chapter titles in sequential order are: Untouchable Dreams, Replacing the Fallen, A Touch of Luck, Fleeing Echos, Dreams and Prophesies, Eshendown Gardens, Troubles Aloft, Hell's Holler...  More to come of course.  Hope you all have a nice day.


  1. Hi Mike, I hope you're doing well after the storm damage. I wanted to tell you that I have been given an irresistibly sweet blog award and have chosen you as one of the five I'm forwarding it to. I'll be posting on Monday so whenever you happen by please help yourself to it. Have a great day! (It's a great way to promote your blog.)

  2. Alrighty I'll check it out. Thanks... Just read a terrific bit of literature about self promoting websites, so I'm definitely looking into changing some things around here anyways.

  3. Awesome chapter title names. I love it when chapters have titles rather than just numbers. The titles sound very interesting and make me curiouser and curiouser! :) I'm new to your blog, so I'm curious if you've put any bits of this book up for viewing?
    Nice to meet you!
    Have a groovy day!

  4. Matter of fact I was just thinking of dabbling in this venture Heather. I've started a sidebar with some hints to what my writing and book series will be about. Also Welcome aboard...