Monday, June 20, 2011

New Direction For Blog

After quite a bit of research into the matter I have decided to make some changes here on my blog.  To throw out some credits, I took some advice from both Rachelle Gardner and the folks at Author Tech Tips.  I've been following Rachelle at her blog for some time now and just love all the great advice she doles out.  So if you are not following this wonderful literary agent, I suggest that you start, you won't regret it.  Then Author Tech Tips is a site I have just recently been turned onto and again there is a tremendous amount of information there.

The main issue with my current blog is a similar error many authors make.  Many of us omit the very reason we should be using the social media in the first place; to introduce or hype up our work in progress.  The pitfall is that the author designs the website to be more about them and their life, which of course will not attract followers to well.  Instead, it is suggested to make the blog or website more dynamic consisting of content honed more on the work rather than the author.  Sure give the site some of "you," but also include info about your work.  If you can, it would even be smart to have new content that will actually drive folks to come back.  For example, create a side or back story to your novels and then present it in your blog in issues sent out weekly or some other time interval.  

So with this in mind, I'll first roll an introduction to the world of Diar.  This will let readers know a little bit more about the setting for the novels.  I will also develop a small plot line for one of the more fun characters, Fardea Panthrex, and make it available to readers. So stay tuned.


  1. This sounds exciting. Thanks for the words of wisdom, and I look forward to the peek.

  2. Now if could just figure out how to make a side bar directory that flows much like the archive does...hmmm... I miss the old days of html coding, this stuff today is fancy. :)

  3. I'm having trouble remembering the old blog. This seems wider. You stated you wanted to change what you write on your blog. I also follow Roland Yeoman's blog. He's always writing or editing some sort of story and has a large following...of course he self-pubs. You might want to check it out, could give you some ideas.

  4. Great advice, my friend Laila turned me onto your site. My novel is basic romance stuff that would make my male readers probably head for the hills--so I kind of like the idea of doing something different every time. Sometimes I do "How To" or poetry, recipes, character blogs or just plain local stuff. I have even been known to have a crossword or word search. The variety works for me, but every blog is different.

  5. Welcome aboard and thanks Laila for the referral. I'll be sure to return the favor. I like all these positive thinkers.

    Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I like romance too. I think "sucker for a good romance," is the term used. There is something about two folks coming together that makes me all giddy inside (can a grown man be giddy?) Anyways, I'm planning to add a dash of romance into my novel as well. It thematically fits nicely with the overall life-based magic/fantasy system I'm developing. A system I hope to introduce and explore in my sidebar, back-story thingy that I discussed above.

    P.S. I'm a crossword junky too...

  6. Hi Mike:

    Came over after hearing about you on Laila's blog. Glad I did! Author Tech Tips was a great find! (I've strayed from featuring my work on my blog, so am guilty as charged. Thanks for the reminder!)
    Plus, any friend of Laila's is a friend of mine.

  7. Hey Bryce, ask Laila I'm slow to get around to read everyone's blogs, but when I do... I swamp them with comments. So I followed you so that I don't lose track of you, but it may take me a day or two to get over to your site.

  8. Hey Mike,
    I think adding a bit of yourself to your blog is a good thing too. It's a balance! So far, the people you are networking with are awesome and will just expand as you go. Laila, Bryce, Roland...they all have awesome blogs.
    I don't think giddy is exclusive, haha, you should definitely be giddy! :)
    So far, I think your blog is fantastic, you have a very comfortable and smooth writing style that is easy to read and relate with. I like that!
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my posts, it was fun to wake up to so many new comments and you are so eloquent. I appreciate it very much! I wish I was better at saying what I'm thinking, but I work better visually.
    Oh, I do have another question for you. Where did you get the names from, Diar, Fardea Panthrex? They're really interesting and I was curious what their origin was/is?
    And lastly, I'm blabbering on, I love the funny cat pictures! Adorable.

  9. Thanks Heather... The simple answer on names...hmmm, well Diar is a play on the word it sounds like 'dire.' Orginally I had slated the world to be a much more menacing place. However now its leaning more towards; 'dire times' for the Brethen people.

    Fardea Panthrex (fair-dia) eventually becomes a very important figure for the realm, but right now she is just a free spirit who does the bidding for her faction/mother. Her name is also a play on a words. 'Fair' is at first a reflection of her outward beauty. Dea pronounced dia short for diabolical or in her case a reflection of her assassin side. Through a series of events that will unfold in book three of my book series we will see her transition. She moves from beautiful bodied, free spirited, and wickedly cunning to an older (which women perceive as getting less physically beautiful I hear), caring, and possibly stabled gal.

  10. Thanks Mike! I'm looking forward to reading it! I just realized I could actually click on the words in the right hand column. I'm technologically slow, that and I was scanning down and reading from the bottom up, to get a better look at your entire blog.
    Your characters and names sound amazing. I love that they have so much meaning wrapped up in them. There used to be a time when words held so much more weight and meaning, I wish those days still existed.
    I personally think women do get more attractive as they age. They're usually less concerned with outward appearances and more confident with who they've become. I will check out your links! Thanks much!