Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our children

The darn editing process can be rough, don't you agree?  We writers create such great proses, at least in our minds, that it becomes difficult if not not impossible for us to let them go.  The attachment is akin to when children run off to college and the parents just don't want to let them leave the nest.  Alas, we must let them go in order to bring our manuscripts to fruition.  Our documents must be culled of paragraphs or even full pages, in some cases, that just do not fit the overall scheme of the book's plot. 

It is hard though, I admit this trouble has found its way to me as well.  I will create a whole backdrop and later have to refine or discard it due to newer ideas that pop into my head.  Ideas that truly do fit better, and drive the story to the climax I have envisioned.  This is not to say that my original idea was bad, but that it no longer adheres well to the flow or line I have developed for the story.

So what do we do with those old discarded pages?  We cut and paste the best of the phrases; we cherish and savor them.  The combination of words that we had sewn together will get adopted as we do our best to squeeze them into the new passages and ideas.  It becomes an adaptation of the orginal concept.  If you had a great fight scene in a bar, but the bar no longer fits as a proper locale, then you keep the fight sequence and place it into another scene like maybe a warehouse.  I know I'm not alone in this concept.  Afterall it is not plagiarism to copy and reuse one's own work; nor is it wrong to covet our 'children' to never get thrown away.


  1. This is true. And the best thing about an idea that didn't work on your current WIP is that it might work on your next one.

  2. I thought it would be easier to comment on your comments on your blog instead of mine. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. It's always a pleasure to place a personality with a face and to know how much all we writers do have in common. We're all a little nuts. And congrats on your 6 year anniversary also. Have a great week.

  3. Its funny you should say that I wanted to send you a note telling you not to get freaked out about all the comments I was leaving on your blog posts. That I in fact was not a stalker, but that I was just now finally getting around to all your posts. I am by no means a fast reader and do my best to really sit down and enjoy what others write, because heck I reckon I would like others to do the same in return. So it takes me a while to get through all the folks I have 'followed.'

    At any rate, I was really enjoying what you wrote, the personality and imagery you put into each blog post is terrific. Having said that, look for me to be a regular on your pages. I get the impression I could learn some things from your writings as well as get some good laughs.

    Oh and before I forget, the reason I never sent you an email telling you not to fear the "comment bombing" I was scattering all across your site was because I could not find any contact info on you. It might be there and I missed it, who knows. I recall reading an agent say something to the effect that it is important that writers leave some sort of method for them to contact you with in case they stubble upon your blog site and like what they see. Just a tip, see ya around the blog.

  4. Thank you. No, I didn't freak out. I love comments. I was actually doing the same thing with your posts on the very same day. I try to read everything at breaks and lunch during the week, but sometimes it's impossible. I left out my email from the blog when I was setting it up cause I didn't want every Tom, Dick, and Harry emailing me, but good point. I'll have to add it on. Feel free to stop by at any time.