The World of Diar

An Introduction to the Land of Diar

Part 1

Diar is a world not unlike the one you and I reside and are accustomed to.  Landscapes are not any more remarkable, having much of the same flora and fauna.  If one could find a setting in our world, so to it could be found in the land of Diar.  What distinguishes this world from that is the presence of true magic and the scattering of mythical and often times dangerous creatures.  Set in the time period akin to our medieval times an age where steel clad armies rule and the weak are forsaken.

The land is broken into various regions called realms, the most notable of which is the human populated Brethen Realm.  Here a caste system governs and King Connald Blake resides as their highest leader.  His rule is gentle and wise, contrary to his formidable presence as a great hunter and warrior.  He is supported by his trusted lords, each maintaining a providence of considerable size surrounding the massive keep.

Among these lords is Marith Foxe, a veteran military man whose noble stature is known throughout the land rivaling that of the king himself.  Lord Foxe, the oldest friend to the king, was recently tasked by Lord Blake on a scouting mission to the far eastern border of the Brethen realm.  His mission is to determine the size and strength of the approaching army that marches to the keep.  An army led by Lord Drehas Haverdack, a man driven by hatred and fueled by the fear of the living; a man consumed by an ancient magic that has turned him into a Breaker.  

For many years the Brethen Kingdom has stood unchallenged; the high walls of its massive keep a deterrent to any who might try.  Its thick ramparts fortified by massive ballistae and mongonels, both deadly types of siege instruments to any opposing force.  Dark blue banners, trimmed in gold, fly high along the ramparts' edges and command the respect of those who pass beneath them.  Lord Blake's family crest, an eagle with outstretched talons, embossed in the center of  these flags;  a reminder to all of the king's fierce justice.  His reign had been one of peace, high morals, and prosperity, but such times can not last forever, even behind such grand walls as the Brethen keep.

Another encroaching evil threatens the Brethen borders as dubious politics have been set in motion to undermine the king's power. Those who would gain from a such a coo position themselves for the realm's upheaval.  Behind much of this turmoil is the head of the Shadowling Faction, a devious woman named Della Panthrex.  Her manipulations of the Ansirk capital officials, along with several lords of the Brethen kingdom put each at odds with the other as they align for succession of the throne.  

If not for the emergence of a Risen, a creature of boundless bredth magic, and a few daring heroes the land might sink into periled times.

Part 2

Ansirk, the capital of the Brethen kingdom, sprawls for several miles.  Located west of Keeper's Dale, this is the hub of human sophistication and debauchery alike.  The balance of order and corruption are held in check by the numerous factions inside the city.  The Mynler District for instance, known for its exotic jewels and banking, wields influence through financial prowess.  While in contrast, the Shadowling faction, an all female guild of deadly assassins and thieves, beguiles for power in the political arena.  In these respects and others, each district is onto itself a different community.  The dynamic ebb and flow of unrest between the diverse cultures keeps any one faction from gaining ultimate power over the others.

The city welcomes visitors from all walks of life and allows them to openly trade goods and services in the districts of their choosing.  Farmers from Eshendown Gardens for example, barter vegetables for coin or magical rain generation trinkets crafted by the water mages of the Wisentrop District.  Then after a long day of selling their wares the farmers can treat themselves to brews at the Drunken Eagle; just a short walk down Main Street in the Market District.  

The Drunken Eagle is a gaudy inn with a quirky ambiance.  Themed and adorned with the Brethen Kingdom's colors of blue and gold, the inn is also lavished with eagle depicted murals and tapestries lined throughout.  The inn boasts several floors to paying customers in need of a comfortable bed; each room designated by the name of history's most beloved kings.  The establishment is most noted for their honey spiced mead and scantily clad and accessible barmaids.

There are plenty of other stores and activities within the Market District to keep oneself occupied, but those with ample coin will pass through the ornate mason columns located at the back of the district.  Here they will find themselves in the upscale part of the city called the Mynler District. Run by Jawg Mynler and his family, this luxurious section of the capitol opens its doors to those of elite status and purses teeming with gold.

Jawg Mynler's fortune is fed from the jewel laden mines far to the east of Ansirk and deep in the Jade Mountains.  The Mynler family has wealth beyond comparison, spending most of their days planning and catering galas for even the most obscure holidays.  It is rumored that if Jawg had any desire for such lofty ideals of political power, he could have bought the throne several times over.  Yet his infatuation with monetary expansion and social events keeps him adequately occupied.

From the dilapidated wood buildings of the Shadowling District to the cobbled streets of the Mynler District, the city of Ansirk is surrounded by a formidable defensive wall.  This massive stone structure houses thousands of soldiers within its gatehouses and battlements.   The feeling behind the walls, with their impressive armaments, is considered by most to be that of comfort and security; and rightly so.  The walls have stood strong for a thousand years and withstood countless wars.  The latest completion of massive siege equipment mounted on the high ramparts only adds to their effectiveness of keeping the denizens safe.

Modern architecture and contemporary styling make the city of Ansirk a breathtaking site.  When King Connald Blake took the throne in the Brethen Keep, he had but one single peeve; the city was to drab and unkempt.  By his decree the streets were made swept regularly, gardens were planted throughout the city, and his family crest was added to large banners that now fly high on the walls.  Furthermore, new monuments were erected to showcase the city's grand history of survival through the bleakest of times.  It is a time of peace for the Brethen people and the King has no qualms with that.  He embraces the heartiness of his people knowing them fully capable of conquest, but he cherishes their capacity for productivity as well and chooses to let his lands flourish without bloodshed. 

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