Thursday, May 5, 2011

Therdra and a darker side

Again another fun contest has popped up over at Confessions From Suite 500.  I thought today it might be fun to  give them a taste of Mistress Therdra.  Hope you enjoy as well.

Todays challenge was the following.  100 words or less using the following words (Personal, Demons, Sin, Hellbent, Original) and the phrase (A devil's own.)

Therdra's yellow eyes glowed brightly as the magical lifeforce called the 'bredth' was removed from her latest victim.  She spoke to him and a devil's own tongue could not have stole his courage with greater adeptness.  Her raspy voice forced into his mind leaving little room for original thought.

"I have but one personal request from your sin laden mouth.  Tell me where the one they call the 'Risen' is hiding."  Mistress Therdra was hellbent on finding her nemesis and destroying her.  Only then could Therdra's demons destroy the Brethen people.

The man gasped his final words, "I don't know!"  

Entry two:  ( for fun I will also post a rather gloomy/dark one)

A devil's own tongue could not have stole my sin filled mind with better guile.  The demons within me tugged at my desires for her and diminish my resolve.  It left me with little room for original thought and I dare not seek it.  A slave to her magnificence and inspired by her kindness, I would trudge a through a thousand lifetimes to be with her once more.  It was a hellbent scheme, I realize now, but as the blade found its home my own personal needs ebbed into a void of blackness.

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