Friday, May 6, 2011

Misfit Posts

I went back and was looking through my posts via the edit button on the dashboard and realize that I have a ton of drafts.  Some of them no doubt were rewritten and/or consumed into actual postings.  However a few I recognize as simply unused.  It is as though I have shipped them off to be on the isle of misfit toys.

I am truly sorry drafts you will someday see the light of posting.  I will not forget you forever.

---  From the drafting table ---


The idea of introducing "drama" into a situation is counterintuitive.  I am definitely not one to create it nor take part in it.  So putting drama in a book is quite simply a difficult task for me.  Where do you begin and to what degree does one add it?  
Drama can be the push and pull phenomenon or sexual tension between male and female characters.  It is the angst that develops between the relationships that draws readers in.  Often times it portrayed as constant squabbling/bickering.  Other times it is simple flattering of one and the denial of the others flirtations; again it is the push and pull effect.  It will always be obvious to the reader that they are quite attracted to one another, but station in society or sense of duty keeps them apart.

There could also be the conflicts/drama due to differing personalities, ideologies  or opinions.  Taking the form of people just setting out with opposing goals, one character might need to reach the goal to prove themselves where the other just does it for the glory.  In this case the drama comes in as one character is cautious or meticulous in their approach and the other is reckless.  They both desire the same thing but have vary opposing ways of getting it done. 

Here is another example of spicing up a manuscript with drama.  Why not dash in differing levels of fear versus the strength of heroism.  Some writers give inherent attributes of each and as a result the coward hunching down in the corner ready to give over his fellow companions can play a major role in drama.  The hero is betrayed but somehow still manages to save the day like we all want him to do. 

I don't know there are so many more elements to story telling and I think I am slowly developing a nice repertoire for it.  It takes time to develop a good story if you are not just inherently gifted in the art.  I realize this and to the best of my ability I am trying to add in as much flavor into what I write as I can for you all.


So anyways folks, there is one of the misfit posts that almost never saw the light of the blog world.  Enjoy the fifteen minutes my lil one, you are special too... 

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