Monday, May 9, 2011


A reminder to all the folks out there who are writing.  Does your story have direction?  As in a flow path that takes the reader from the initial backdrop all the way to the finale.  Does the story actually drive them to this goalline you have set up?  If not, I implore you to start thinking about it.

Whether you are the plotter type or free form type of writer you should examine each point/chapter and determine whether it moves the characters forward.  In other words, does it help the character grow as a person?  Does it get them to start seeing the underlying theme/s present in the book?  Are they slowly but suredly overcoming conflicts and weeknesses?

This can be done through a variety of ways of course.  General narration although mundane in nature is sufficient in allowing the reader to get a sense that our hero/protagonist is having developments.  Remember we want our heroes to have life, to be realistic (most of the time), and we want them to most importantly not be stagnant.

Don't forget though that dialogue is a very powerful method for pushing this idea of forward driving as well.  You can let any variety of characters whether they are friends, enemies, strangers, inside or outside of the inner circle of the main character to help "teach" them morals and life lessons.  The use of diatribe will reveal the faults of your characters and inevidably help them through it.

I could continue on, but you all get the point and I don't want to get into a lecture on the subject.  I forget who said it first but its sound advice, remember each element of your story should have a purpose and it should pretty much, in some form or another, help drive the story to the pinnacle.

Hope everyone had a happy mother's day... see ya soon.

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