Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve

Not sure you all know what a Krystal's is, but that is exactly where I was this past New Year's Eve at the stroke of midnight.  Okay, first off Krystal's is like a southern version of White Castle it just has different condiments on the burger.  I hope that helps the southern-deprived readers out there.

That's right I rung in the new year with the lady in the drive through asking me if I wanted my combo number 2 in the large size.  Which I of course didn't because like all of us, I'm watching my weight after such a terrific holiday vacation.  So anyways, you are still scratching your head wondering why I chose to spend New Year's Eve at the burger join.  Well short answer is I didn't 'want to.'

Let us back track a bit so that I can catch you up to speed with what happened.  Every weekend of New Years I spend at a horse show.  It is like that for Thanksgiving too, so don't ask.  I'm not sure why the horse folk pick busy weekends to do their shows.

One thing is for sure, this tight knit community of horse racing friends and families are with out a doubt the nicest and most caring folks I've ever come to know.  My daughter and wife ride/compete in the shows and we are talking about a sport where the winners and losers are seconds from each other.  It is a very competitive event that takes a great deal of coordination, skill, and luck.

Unfortunately for my daughter luck was not with her.  She had a slight mishap that flung her off the saddle.  Falling to her side, several yards away, with quite a profound thud she quickly complained of back and hand pain.  I have never run so quickly in all my life.  I scaled that six foot metal fence like it was no bigger than a city curb rushing to her side.  I wife too was there and so were many of our friends.  Like I said, the horse community came together to assist us like we were family.  Some retrieved the horse from running away, some called and directed the ambulance, others stayed with us helping her through the trauma and others drove our horses back to our house.

I said luck wasn't with her, but truthfully I guess it was.  We went with her to the hospital that late New Year's Eve and spent the evening going through all the scans and x-rays.  She didn't have the slightest break anywhere thankfully.  They let us out at a quarter till midnight and literally all the three of us could think about was food.  As you can imagine the choices are quite limited that time of night and especially on a holiday like that.  So Krystal's hamburgers sounded great to us.

We spent the ride home traveling down empty streets; scarfing down the bite sized vittles and watching the explosions of nearby fireworks.  They say whatever you are doing at midnight on new years eve is what you'll be doing through out the year to come.  I guess that is why so many people are partying, or shaking fists full of dollar bills.  For me, I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than spending time with my wife and daughter.  I hope a full year of that is in store for me.  Of course, I also hope it does not mean I am doomed to eating crappy hamburgers the rest of the year.

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  1. WOW! I can imagine how scared you all were- I'm thankful (as everyone else is) that she's ok!! If nothing else that showed her her daddy can be there in a split second like Superman if needed.. now that is an awesome idea for a little girl to cherish right there..
    I'm also sure you will be spending the new year coming just as you wish- minus the nasty cheeseburgers (eeww)..stay away from them- they may weigh your cape down. ;-)