Thursday, January 13, 2011



I'm not sure what it means but this time last year I was strictly a black coffee guy and now I'm dabbling in all flavors imaginable.  Am I spending too much time in the coffee shops?  Quite possibly but never the less I'm addicted to the wonderful new flavors out there.  As of this posting I'm working my way through a French vanilla kick. 


Like I said, this all snuck up on me and I will probably have to end up blaming it on my little girl, Brook.  She was curious about the whole coffee thing but knew that the bitter black drink was not for her.  Then we were handed a cup of French vanilla cappuccino at a local store while shopping for Christmas and let us just say she was quite partial to its sweet taste.  No longer did coffee hold the negative stigma she had held to it for all her life. I won't say she is hooked for life, but at least a barrier was lifted for her that day to try new drinks.


Now for me after that day, I have tried dark chocolate, French vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, and of course regular creamer. The dark chocolate was actually nice but needed to be a little bit lighter and it favored the hot chocolate taste rather than the coffee. The hazelnut and caramel are definitely not for me, my wife Kim likes them quite a bit, but I just can't get into them no matter what amount I use.  


Foo Foo drinks are what my wife and I call these types of coffees. We say it affectionately of our coffee concoctions that help us bring in the day. Do any of you have particular odd flavors you've tried with success?

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  1. I don't do foofoo- persey.. but I do "doctor" my coffee up. I'm pretty loyal to the International Delight creamers.. Amaretto- YUM, french vanilla, skinny caramel macchiato, marshmallow mocha (yes you'll gain 3 lbs easy by looking at this one).. consistently though- it's the caramel or amaretto for me. I've also stopped using 3 heaping spoonfulls of sugar and use 2 splenda packs as a sub.