Sunday, January 16, 2011


So what author's blog site would be complete without referencing chapter titles? Sitting down to create a novel from nothing and have it mean something is truly an art form. Any Joe Blow off the street can put pen to paper and write a bunch of words telling a story, but the true test is giving that story meaning; a purpose beyond the literal. I therefore try to put forth some effort when selecting what my titles will be, so I am not mixed up with good ole Joe.

So without further ado, here are the proposed titles for the first book. Enjoy for now and at a later time I would love to go into what each chapter title means if it isn't blatantly obvious.

Protect the Risen Series

Book – 1 (Chances Are)

  1. Horrors of the Quarry
  2. Dreams and Prophesies
  3. Desert Travelers   
  4. Settlements and Graveyards
  5. Pawn or King
  6. Noose Ends
  7. Politic King
  8. Shadows and Light
  9. Discovery
  10. Last Wishes
  11. Combustion
  12. Memorial
  13. For Keep Sakes
  14. Resonation of a Coronation
  15. Feast Full of Plans
  16. Castle of Might
  17. Clashing Arms
  18. Cures and Curses
  19. Jeweling Sacrifices
  20. Into the Breach
  21. Deadly Heights
  22. Veil Before Dawn

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