Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Paragraph Writing Contest

Another writing contest, this time over at Nathan Bransford's Blog.  I would encourage any and all to take a look at his site.  He is a very consistant and fun to read blogger, with plenty of inside scoops into the litery world.
The contest is quite simple, just cut and paste your first paragraph from the manuscript you have in progress.  A winner is selected from the scads that enter and a prize is then awarded, along with all the accolades of winning said contest.  The reward is non other than a partial manuscript read from his agent.  So basically it will help the winner get past the query step, sorta.  :P  At any rate, it looked fun, so off to submit.   
Below is the entry I made:
Sam Hauser staggered over to the water container, filled the rusty ladle and took a swig.  The prisoners were allowed three rest periods throughout the course of the day.  This was his morning break and he already looked forward to the lunch break still several hours away.  Maybe it was the unusual amount of dust that wisped about his face that tired him.  He took another drink and moved over to the bench that ran alongside the water cooler.  His arms were aching pretty badly and he kept his head lowered to try and shield his eyes from the intense sun that swept across the site.  It was going to be a hard day.

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