Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year’s Resolution

Thanks to Christmas I am enjoying my afternoon at my local Barnes and Noble at someone else's expense.

It is rather enjoyable, I must admit, to sit here guilt free. The book is complete so there is no pressure to crunch it out before this year's end. If there was to be any guilt today it would be that I have not blogged nearly as often as I should.

So maybe as a New Year's resolution I'll make a pact with myself and those who read this that I will blog more often. Okay, maybe that is not realistic given the number of 'honey-do' items I have listed on the paper hanging on the refrigerator. How about this then? What if I instead make a promise to complete the next book of the Protect the Risen series by this time next year? Can we all live with that? I hope so. In fact, I would like to shoot for a novel a year, maybe more if I can. Again though, let us stay in the real world and just consider one a year.

Have you made your resolution? Is it achievable? Does it make sense to you and can you work towards it all year long. I find so many people this time of year ask of themselves such difficult and oft times unachievable things. I believe I have not done that; I truly think I can knock out another novel this year. So again what is your resolution? Did you pick one that challenges you? I hope so and I wish you well with it.

Good luck and happy New Year.

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