Tuesday, November 16, 2010

wer-mer-bear contest

I entered a little writing contest over at Confessions from suite 500.  It is a terrific blog and I would encourage everyone to take a peek.  They have some great advice for writers, as well as some terrific taste in books.
The contest was to use a few simple words they provide and come up with a story for them.  The catch is that it needed to stay under the limit of one hundred words.  Here are the words that had to be included: Sky, Light, Betrayal, Pee Wee, and Wings.  They also said that the writer would get extra points for working the phrase "Beware the wer-mer-bear."  So we'll see how I did, I'll let you all know how I faired when the event closes this thursday.  Below is what I entered.  Let me know how you think I did.

It was nearly noon, when from high in the sky above the Fine Light Army, flying on leathery wings was an ominous figure.  Its pee wee body was unmistakable.  Gregern could not believe the betrayal of Stehvan unleashing such a beast upon them.
“Beware-of-the-wer-mer-bear!”  Gregern yelled.
Towsen replied in a troubled voice.  “Surely this tips the scales of success into Stehvan’s favor.  Shoot it down quickly!”
Gregern unslung the magical anajo from his back and loosed a silvery bolt wounding the vile creature. 
“You saved us Gregern, you’re our hero!” Shouted Towsen.

For more entries follow this link.
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