Thursday, November 4, 2010

Current Project

Currently I'm working hard on a book series called Protect the Risen. Hence the blog name. I envision it to span across three novels: Chances Are, Of Diar Age, and Jaded Mountains.
Here is a quick and small synopsis of the first book…enjoy

Chances Are:
What is held in the magic of the breath, for some like Sam Hauser it is the chaotic essence of luck. In the first novel of the Protect the Risen Series we journey with Sam as he struggles to uncover his own hidden power. Guided by Kaylie, the new love of his life, whose power as a Risen will be sought after and challenged by a growing evil. If they can make it in time, the union of Kaylie and Sam’s bredth magic will help save the kingdom and start a new chapter for the world.
Mistress Therdra discovers a way to obtain infinite power by harnessing the energy of the Risen, but first she must find the key to this destiny. Could it be that the ancient amethyst dragon holds the answer to those dreams? With a newly formed army of death at her side she moves to the Brethen Kingdom from the west to meet her fate.
There are those who hide in shadows pulling the strings of faction leaders and then there are those who can manipulate a lord himself. Ms. Della with her diabolical schemes and vast resources is capable of both and will stop at nothing, not even assassination, to attain her lofty goals.
Meanwhile from the east, while the kingdom is most vulnerable, a man consumed with hatred and fueled by fear, marches his own army to the gates of the great keep. Having failed to seize it once before, Drehas Haverdack has returned with a massive army of Leesermen and siege equipment that is sure to achieve victory. He will be the rightful heir to the throne and only one man can thwart his plans.
Will King Gavinar Blake unlock the secrets to the Relics of Might in time to save his kingdom from these two behemoth forces? If Fardea Panthrex, the deadliest assassin of the Shadowling Guild has anything to say about it he will.

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