Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I’m trying a new experience out today, this will be my first blog within the borders of a Borders Bookstore.  Let me tell you right off the warmed up chocolate chunk brownie is quite appealing, I think I’ll have to get some of that. 

Okay now that I’ve taken care of that let us jump into today’s topic of bookstores.
So is it me or is it a pain in the ass that they have gone and changed the whole format of bookstores on us?  Since when did music and movies pop up in our favorite bookstores?  Don’t get me wrong if there is money to be had from their sales and those funds are what is helping our neighborhood warehouse of literature stay open, then by all means let’s let them keep selling them.  However it is still weird.   
Speaking of weird here is another oddity for bookstores.  I’m sitting in their little café, sipping on my black coffee, (dentist told me no more creamer, eek!) and everyone around me is on a laptop.  Yeah, I have to include myself of course since I’m clicking away on this keyboard. 
I feel like I’ve been teleported back to the early 90s when I was in college rather than a bookshop.  In those days we had to trek on down to the the basement of the dorms to find the computer lab.  Now it would seem as those college kids have metriculated down to the corner bookstores and coffee shops to do there studying.  Don't get me wrong, I mean to come off negative about this, I'm glad the kids are finding a quiet place to get their work done. 
Oh wait scratch that they aren't all students, there is a nice soldier feller in the corner who is ‘reading’ magazines.  I say that in quotes because ever since I sat down he has yet to turn a page or look down at the magazine.  Maybe he is contemplating a big purchase.  Ah, I see now.  His view is certainly nice, I am of course speaking about the cute blonde gal sitting a few tables over.  She is using the ole flash card method of memorization.  I think at this point the poor soldier guy could pass her test as well with all the time he is investing in looking her way.  lol.
So anyways,I've now blogged for a bit and edited my story added in some key details so I'm going to call today productive.   

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