Sunday, November 21, 2010

Color e-reader

Again I found some interesting info for e-readers, probably old news but thought I'd share anyways.
(Info copied below in case link goes bad.)

  • Barnes & Noble unveils color e-reader

October 26, 2010 By MAE ANDERSON and SARAH SKIDMORE, AP Retail Writers


Barnes and Noble's new full-color touch screen wireless NOOKcolor is held up during a press preview after it was unveiled at their Union Square store in New York City. The NOOKcolor, which is available for pre-order for $249, will begin shipping around November 19.
US bookstore giant Barnes & Noble unveiled a color electronic book reader on Tuesday, getting the jump on rivals Amazon and Sony. 
The Nook Color features a seven-inch (18-centimeter) touchscreen display and sells for 249 dollars, about half the price of Apple's cheapest iPad and about 100 dollars more than the black-and-white Nook released last year.
Barnes & Noble said customers could immediately purchase the Nook Color, which is powered by Google's Android software and has eight gigabytes of memory, through the bookseller's website with shipping beginning around November 19.
"With Nook Color, we've combined the functionality and convenience of a seven-inch portable wireless tablet with the reader-centricity of a dedicated e-reader," Barnes & Noble chief executive William Lynch said in a statement.
"Nook Color enables Web browsing over Wi-Fi, music, games and much more, but reading anything and everything in brilliant color is the killer app and squarely the product's focus."
Barnes & Noble is the first of the major players in the dedicated e-reader market to come out with a color e-reader.
Sony's Reader and Amazon's popular Kindle both feature black-and-white electronic ink displays. Apple's iPad is a multi-purpose tablet computer that also features a color e-reader.
Barnes & Noble said the Nook Color offers users access to more than two million books, including most New York Times bestsellers.
Newspapers and magazines, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Esquire, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Elle and others are offered in full color.
Nook Color users can also surf the Web, check email, stream music over Wi-Fi and load MP3 songs onto the device.
Barnes & Noble said PDF and ePub files can be viewed on the Nook Color as well as Microsoft Office files including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Amazon touts the Kindle as its top-selling item but the online retail giant and Barnes & Noble do not release sales figures for their e-readers.

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