Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Noble Bookseller

So another visit to the dentist (fillings) brings me into the town and I figured I would taste another bookstore while I had the chance. I say taste in jest because I still can't feel any part of my tongue or jaw. Sometimes I wish whatever it is those dentists are using on our mouth could be put into a drink so that we could get our whole bodies numb like that. Wouldn't that be a fun day, wobbly, but fun.

Today's adventure takes me to Barnes and Noble. Thus far I love the way they set up their stores over the Borders store. The only negative thing I can point is that this store is attached to the mall and therefore I don't have a nice window to look out as I work on this blog. So other than that I'm in love with this place. Their stacks are taller so that you feel like a kid in a maze. A maze of books, I mean does it get any better than that?

I forgot to mention in the Borders review that right when you walk in the door the first thing you get confronted with is a display on electronic book readers. I'll have to talk about that in another post, but it is still quite interesting that they are shoving the electronic gizmos right in your face at both stores. Barnes and Noble even had a clerk behind the counter selling them like they are cell phones. Kind of scary, I'll have to keep in mind that this could be my future audience. From what I've been reading in money magazines and other sources the nooks and similar devices are on the rise as well as electronic book sales. So yes there is definitely more to say about this, but on to more review of the store.

Their café is up a short flight of steps, which is great. This vantage gives you a feel of sitting above the books; looking down upon the mass of stories. I bought my coffee, a venti? Whatever language that is; I guess the important part is that it's the biggest size.

Barnes and Noble, like Borders, have the back corner of the store dedicated to music and movies so I guess this is a norm of major book stores these days. I suppose I'm still okay with this. I will give B&N credit they are much more designed to sell stuff. More so than Borders was. Their cashiers are promoting things and their stacks like I said consume the likes of an impulse buyer like me. One other reason I think this place works is that folks are allowed to lookup authors and book titles on computers set up throughout the store. This gives them a freedom from having to wait on store clerks or customer service reps.

I think I'll buy some Christmas gifts from here. Anyone want anything in particular? My parents love books so they will be first on my list to buy for. At any rate, I need to get back to the book. So to quickly summarize both stores are quite similar in 'what' can be purchased, but the flow and set up mof the stores is completely different. The feel of Barnes and Noble is less collegiate and more geared to the professional, in my humble opinion. So I suspect they will therefore sell more books in the long run. Plus being setup attached to the mall will allow them a good source of traffic for the average Christmas shopper.

Just bumped into someone I knew who just came from Books-a-Million, apparently they are remodeling the store getting themselves ready for the holiday season. So stay tuned for a review of them, I'm looking forward to it.

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