Monday, July 11, 2011

Fardea - Part 3

Sorry for the delay in posting this. It was a mixture of internet outages/storms, home projects (tree removals, driveway repairs, etc), and vacations that limited my blogging time. So anyways, here is another quick installment with Fardea. Hope you like it.

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Almost forgot to add the picture of why my internet was out.


  1. Well hey there stranger! Welcome back. I like your story. I'm enjoying the insight into your characters' minds. Your conversation is smooth-flowing...loving it. FYI...Treat the question mark like you would a comma in conversation. It's still a tag unless it's a period. Example: "...arms?" she asked... :)

  2. Pugilism, huh? I had to look it up. lol It says "boxing: fighting with the fists.". I loved "Her long legs now became the tools of this negotiation."

  3. Welcome back. I hope all is well and nobody was hurt. Those storms can be brutal.

  4. It's funny you point out that quote about negotiation. That word in particular sat at the end of my tongue for the entire lunchtime while I jotted that part of the story up. I could describe the scene as envisioned through my mind's eye but dang it if I couldn't get that word to spit out. As always the trick to such mind blocks is to keep writing and eventually the word you were searching for will come to you. Course if it doesn't then its time to break out the dictionary and thesaurus.