Sunday, April 10, 2011


I thought I would make a simple post hyping up the new phone I got.  The motorolla droid is quite simply an amazing piece of gadgetry.  I think I must have skipped a couple generations of cell phones because this thing is light years more advanced than my previous phone.  The amount of interactive apps is mind boggling.  I can't tell you how long I've sat here staring at the lil thing in awe learning all of its ins and outs.

First off I always dread having to input my contacts into a new phone.  The droid syncs up with facebook, gmail, yahoo, etc to auto input all the fields for you.  Wow this saved me a lot of time and added so many more contacts than I would have ever thought of manually entering into my phone.  Not to mention it also automatically inserts the contacts picture (from facebook) next to their name on the menu.  So as long all my friends have their stuff up to date on my various social networks then I have likewise up to date contact information.  Like I said that in itself is just amazing.

Another wonderful idea is to link up all of my email into one app.  I love how it will sync up with facebook and all my email addresses and pop them into the phone under one page.  Saves me so much log in time and allows everyone to keep in touch with me however they like.  Okay, so now I'm not able to use this as an excuse so maybe I should not have mentioned it.  lol...

There are just so many apps that it would be impossible to explain them all here in the blog.  At any rate, I'm fascinated that technology has jumped this far ahead.  To stay with the semi theme of this blog though I guess I should also mention before I check out for the day that the droid has a great qwerty keyboard and many apps available for us writers.  Heck, it even allows word, powerpoint, excel, pdf  type of items to be created and displayed.  

Off to do some more "research" on my lil droid. 

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