Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Happened to February

Odd thing just happened and I swear it was not on purpose or by any design of mine.  I was chilling my heals and minding my own business when February just up and disappeared on me.  I have not the slightest clue where it might have run off to.  It was like one minute it was there and we were good pals and then the next minute, poof, it was gone.  I do not believe we had any crossed words that would have prompted such a hasty exit on its part.  This leads me to believe that foul play my have had a hand in February's disappearance.

So for the next several days I will be offering a reward to anyone who might have details on its whereabouts.  I am truly worried as to February's wellbeing.  Is it getting the proper nourishment, does it have adequate and clean water?  It boggles the mind to think that it might be out there in the weather still, lying there all alone, no one to keep care of it.  I know February is but the smallest of months, but it is precious to me.  Please help me in locating it.  I will be forever in the debt of any news brought to my ears of it.  Thanks in advance.

P.S.  March seems filled with angst and wants to be let out, spring fever I suspect.  Be careful not to let him sneak out the door when you head out.

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  1. February was sucked into a time warp continium and is stuck in an alternate realm. It will take a little over 300 days for it to reach light speed and return to the year 2012 - in the future... This was my deduction after a long involved investigation of my stargate team- we experienced the same phenomenon here.